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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

Optimize IT Resources with LabStats

Higher education institutions find themselves amid ever changing market dynamics and emerging technology. Now, they have an industry-leading tool to monitor software and hardware usage across their environment. With LabStats hardware and software tracking, universities can minimize resource wastage, maximize budget utilization, comply with software licenses, and manage hardware across campus. 

Only pay for what your students need and use. An intuitive Power BI dashboard will provide insights into all software installed and available systems across your campus. Lab managers can monitor usage trends to allocate hardware and software to students without exceeding budget. You can also share reports to various departments in multiple formats with LabStats.  

Why Invest in LabStats?

LabStats provides detailed real-time insights into the following:

·      Live Access

Your students give access to on-campus and remote computer availability on a self-serve basis.

·      Data-driven Resource Allocation

Leverage hardware and software usage trends across your environment and improve accessibility to students and staff.

·      High-volume Data Access

Get live and many years' worth of historical data and make informed decisions. 

·      Advanced Tracking

Track when, where, and how your resources are being used. You can also track usage by groups like Pell Grant students, low-income students, and more to better understand student demands. 

Invest in Student Success 

Join the list of hundreds of higher education institutions that trust LabStats to harmonize student demands with budget.  

 Call +1-208-473-2222 or send an email to to schedule a walkthrough today.  


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