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Getting Your Share of Media Attention

Is the never-ending decline of traditional media a cause for concern when it comes to book publicity? Not necessarily, as new opportunities for how to market a book emerge alongside disappearing ones. The rise of "blended media" in recent years, with traditional media outlets having a strong online presence, has been a significant development. Many newspapers and TV networks now have popular digital platforms featuring the same content as their original formats. Some of the most prominent newspapers have successfully transitioned into global media brands with significant web traffic. 

Book publicity firms closely monitor the changing media landscape and quickly seize new opportunities. As staffing and budgets have dwindled, new avenues have opened up for authors. While the need for media content persists, the reduced workforce means more opportunities for external contributors. Previously, the primary goal was to secure media coverage, but now, getting an article published in the same outlet can be just as effective. It is particularly true for non-fiction authors, who can write articles related to their book's topic and mention their book in the author bio. 

Decreased media staff also means securing a guest spot on a TV show may be more attainable. In the past, large teams of producers were responsible for developing show topics and selecting guests. With today's smaller production teams handling more episodes, they are more open to outside ideas. A well-crafted pitch for a show idea from an author or their publicist stands a better chance of being accepted as a time-saving measure. However, it's important to note that not all ideas will be well-received, so careful consideration and an excellent pitch are crucial. 

This shift provides authors and publicists with more opportunities for creative collaboration. One advantage of the internet is that content from blended media outlets remains online indefinitely. In the past, publicity had a limited lifespan tied to the airing of shows and the publication of articles. The landscape is vastly different today, with content staying online for many years. Articles published this year can continue to drive book sales in the future, appearing in search engine results for an extended period. Some books have achieved significant sales success through consistent, long-term exposure, becoming enduring bestsellers and highly profitable.


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